For large/heavy/tall goods vehicles

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For large/heavy/tall goods vehicles

Postby ipassedwithpaul » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:03 am

Would make sense to be able to set your vehicle height and mass into the app, for it to then calculate routes that can legally accept that vehicle and won't be a hazard or danger.
In the UK there are commercial hard copy maps available for goods vehicle driver's which identify low bridges and weak bridges, which shouldn't be hard to log into Waze by a few people in their spare time (presently published by AA). Then for narrow roads or those fitted with pinch points to limit vehicle widths, or barriers to limit height access, we can log them in as users. Even parking lots with height limits could be mapped in so regular car users can benefit...

Worth it?
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Re: Professional Driver? We want your opinion!

Postby Wendallyn » Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:44 am

I have always loved Waze as a former commuter in Los Angeles/ Orange County.
However I've stopped using as much because when I am nearing a destination, Waze takes me to the street and tells me I've arrived, but does not display the STREET NUMBER that I entered, so I have to stop, check my email our other app to find the house or business street number!
It seems many users would also find this very frustrating, unless there's a setting to fix this that I have missed.
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Re: Professional Driver? We want your opinion!

Postby drkridr » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:53 pm

It would be great to have a Waze for truck drivers that adheres to truck routes. I’m a US truck driver that uses Waze in conjunction with a truck routing app but given the useful info and accurate info provided by Waze and it’s great UI I would love to see a version for truck routings.

Come on Waze you can do it
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Re: For large/heavy/tall goods vehicles

Postby iainhouse » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:11 pm

drkridr wrote:Come on Waze you can do it

Maybe the could - but they won't.

In the UK (and other countries) we have been asking for qualitative restrictions (i.e. height/width/weight etc) for - literally - years. If it was possible to enter these restrictions onto the Waze map, the editing community would have been more than happy to have done so long ago.

The Waze HQ response has always been that they have no intention to add these settings to either WME or the app. The global community have pretty much given up asking. I'm sorry to dampen your expectations, but that's how it is. :(
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Re: For large/heavy/tall goods vehicles

Postby thefriend » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:09 pm

Here is an idea that could be integrated to waze.
I am myself a farm equipment driver and waze user. ... ty/1417518
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