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Postby GoldenBuffaloSoldier » Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:40 pm

Hello vince1612. Thank you for the update. My apologies for not getting back sooner.
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Re: Welcome to the Waze Professional Drivers Community!

Postby Karstunen » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:19 am

Hi guys,

I am a local champ and professional bus driver in Central Finland, driving at work roughly 50 thousand kilometers per year plus private driving by car some 20 thousand more. I just heard about this sub-forum and now starting to get to know this step by step :)

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Re: Welcome to the Waze Professional Drivers Community!

Postby time41lvng » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:59 pm

Well this is cool! I have been a truck driver in the 11 western states for 7 months. I have used different maps and map apps. What I like about this app is that it had saved me 10 minutes of driving time. Miles = money and more time = money. Garmin has so many issues with there map device that I can no longer trust the map directions. I try to use the Garmin dezl along with waze. It would be so awesome if you developed a trucker device with the waze concept. The ability to communicate hazards, slowdowns, weather, cars on right side of road, and police is great. What would be great is if your app was connected to 511 or state road conditions. My main concern is low bridges and roads that are illegal for truckers to drive on when driving to destination. The ability for truckers to communicate via this app would. Be awesome. I mean this limited communication idea is perfect. We have high wind issues in the western States. There are a few things I wish others would combine and hope you take the lead. I need as a driver a 10 hour reset or an 8 2 split reset. Trucker path has places that one can go to, park and sleep with an option of parking availability according to last response to app. Scales locations are needed for truckers not just Cat Scales but all scales that weigh trucks. Current weather conditions is great thing you app has. I have not tried you alternative route option yet but find Harkins to be non existent. If in Dever Colorado there are more than just one option to destination for truckers. The typical suggested route from Google and Garmin is I-25 North to fort Collins Colorado to HWY 287 Laramie Wyoming to I-80. Then if asking to go to Logan Utah it sends as only route is through bear lake in Utah. The I-84 is never shown as an alternate route.

I have found your app helpful and accurate saving me time. It had also given me directions to a shortcut that is truck legal. Whatever improvements for truckers benefit on your app would be greatly appreciated. It would be one less app and device to use and clutter truck cab. I also really enjoy your time of day and expected arrival times. Huge help with that idea you guys created. It would be nice to select a general mph like 60 mph 65 mph 70 mph ECT.... Hope to see an actual device like Garmin. I have to use Google maps for satellite views of destination to see best way to pull in at location drop or pick-up. Trucker path app has majority of trucker stops and rest stops. I use them to see closest place to stop for 30 min.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could do some kind of yelp for truckers food ratings. Places we can park at to grab some food. Thanks for your app. It is the most innovative and I find myself using it more and more.
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Re: Welcome to the Waze Professional Drivers Community!

Postby skejpa » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:34 am

Hello guys.

I have a few tips for your development both for app and Android Auto version of this app.

I have been using Waze throw Android Auto over past few months and here are things which drives me nuts all the time:

1. routes preview - if you find some destination in waze app, you can look at the map and check if you really want to chose the way waze suggests you as the best. In android auto version you have also 3 types of routes but no map preview so you really dont know, where the road goes.

2. when you are on the way to destination and you want to find some nearest gas station or fast food, in app you can just add some stop - it will find what you are looking for and suggests you the nearest stops from your route. Not in Waze Android Auto version. This is nonsense. In critical situations you have to disconnect phone, look for it in waze app and then connect back. Rly ? This is the safety of AA ? Even gas stations does not work completely becouse if you have a company car, you cant use any gas station. Lets say you are looking fo Shell / BP / ...in your route or close. In AA its impossible.

3. add more voice commands like "find another way" etc.

Then i have few tips for waze app in general:
1. when i go some way Waze dont know and i am much quicker there (probably becouse the way is free and you can go there much faster), the app does not learn. It will still push the old slow way.
Guys rly, u have the data, use it.

2. add small track avoidance. You can go to destination over 300km far away and waze will suggest 3 routes. OK, so you pick one and in the first third there is huge traffic. Put there some option to use only small route adjustments and stay on the desired route. It can be only 5km difference which can probably look slower but in the real traffic its much faster. I have to find a ways all the time for those small changes of main route. Waze just cant recommend those small changes of route.

3. Add there option to pick route which have to go throw some point. Lets say i want to go 500km but i want to go throw some village (from any reason - maybe i like the roads around). Or i want to visit sea and i have to go throw state where i own coupon for highways. etc.

These should be implemented becouse its things people deal every day...
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